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Bridges, analog bridges and CMVRsAdvanced Superior Cloud CCTV Surveillance Products

The comprehensive selection of products available from Mercury 3 includes bridges, analogue combo bridges, and cloud managed video recorders. All are available in a number of models depending on your unique business situation.


  • Complete Privacy Encryption TM
  • Encrypted during transmission & at rest
  • Fully Encrypted Video & Meta Data


  • Intelligent brandwidth management TM
  • Local and off site recording
  • Redundant video & meta data storage


  • Supports ONVIF & analgue cameras
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Full functioality in all browsers
  • On-premise or cloud video storage

"We’ve deployed the Cloud Security Camera VMS at three locations recently. The System was extremely easy to implement, even for our installers who were experts on analogue surveillance cameras rather than IP cameras."

David Manento- Royal Security

Cloud CCTV Security System Products


Bridges for CCTV surveillance systemsOur selection of bridge models fully supports IP cameras. They receive and analyze the video streams from the cameras, provide on-premise buffering for bandwidth management, detect any camera issues and automatically transmit camera and system status information to the cloud data center.

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Analog Combo Bridges

Analog Combo Bridges for cloud CCTV surveillance systemsOur Analog Combo Bridges give your analog camera investment easy and secure access to video via web browser and mobile applications. The Combo Bridge also gives you the flexibility to add IP cameras either immediately or as business needs change.

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Cloud Managed Video Recorders (CMVR)

CMVR for cloud surveillance systemsThe Mercury 3 Cloud Managed Video Recorders (CMVR’s) provide additional on-premise recording when needed and are offered in a wide array of sizes.

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