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CCTV surveillance system featuresA Range of Fantastic Features to Make Your Life Safer & Easier

Our fully cloud managed video surveillance systems provide an array of sophisticated features.  In addition to high available data centres, intelligent bandwidth and security encryption, our services support full functionality on mobile devices, with no software to install, update or manage.


  • Complete Privacy Encryption TM
  • Encrypted during transmission & at rest
  • Fully Encrypted Video & Meta Data


  • Intelligent brandwidth management TM
  • Local and off site recording
  • Redundant video & meta data storage


  • Supports ONVIF & analgue cameras
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Full functioality in all browsers
  • On-premise or cloud video storage

"We’ve deployed the Cloud Security Camera VMS at three locations recently. The System was extremely easy to implement, even for our installers who were experts on analogue surveillance cameras rather than IP cameras."

David Manento- Royal Security

Cloud CCTV Surveillance System Features

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On-Premise Buffering and Camera Management before automated secure off-site transfer

On-Premise Buffering and Camera Management before automated secure off-site transferA solution that still works even when the internet goes down, our onsite solutions makes sure your camera recordings never stop. The Internet may go down, but your Cameras will continue to keep recording. The onsite CCTV Bridge is in constant communication with your sites cameras, constantly monitoring their operation whilst verifying they have not been tampered with. Our CCTV solutions analize the video for motion, whilst recording the incidents and encrypting and securing the video in preparation for a secure off site transfer into the cloud.

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Tier 4 Secure High Availability Data Centers

Tier 4 Secure High Availability Data CentersSecure & High Resilience

All servers are centrally cooled and independently dual-powered, heat extraction and air recirculation cooling is in place whilst a resilient ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are also in place.

Fault-tolerant site infrastructure with electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected SLA availability of 99.995%

Your Data is protected in secure data centers that have enhanced security measures in place.

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Intelligent Bandwidth Solution

Intelligent Bandwidth SolutionEnabling CCTV video to work in the realms of the Internet

Mercury3 offers an Intelligent Bandwidth Solution in which to deal with limited bandwidth situations. As with earlier cloud recording systems, which faced challenges with bandwidth availability and consumption. The Mercury3 Secure Cloud CCTV solution offers multi-layered bandwidth management technology means the system works with both small and large camera installations without requiring additional bandwidth solutions to be implemented.

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Comprehensive Security Encryption

Comprehensive Security EncryptionOur Secure Cloud CCTV solution eliminates the security vulnerabilities commonly found in other CCTV systems because there are no physical/soft ports open to the Internet.  CCTV images are fully encrypted throughout the transmission process whilst also fully encrypted at rest – making evidence tampering more secure. Once a bridge or CMVR (Cloud Managed Video Recorder) is connected to the Internet it immediately connects to the Secure Cloud facility.  The units establish a secure encrypted connection, from that point on all communication across the Internet is protected by 256-bit AES encryption with rapidly rotating keys.

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Flexible Storage Options

Flexible Storage OptionsOur offering enables customers to be able to choose a CMVR have the option of Eagle Eye’s first of a kind, Cloud-Premise Flex Storage™ technology, allowing customers to choose where their video is stored.  They are no longer limited to the confines of on-site hardware.  Customers can now choose to store some, or all of their video in the cloud or on the local device.

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Flexible Camera Choices

Flexible Camera ChoicesMercury3 offers a flexible Hybrid Combination CCTV solution that supports both IP and Analogue cameras with a Bridge solution.  All Bridges and CMVRs are compatible with IP cameras, Mercury3 Cloud Based CCTV solution is compatible with most ONVIF cameras, enabling customers the flexibility of hundreds of camera manufacturers.

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Location Surveillance Made Simple

Location Surveillance Made SimpleClients with multiple locations benefit from being able to view video from various locations via a single user interface/portal.  Customers can even create layouts that show video from different locations in the same video matrix.  In short, clients could choose to view all of the counter registers or back office stations at the same time, even if they have stores scattered throughout the country via the secure cloud based CCTV internet portal.

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Storage Limits

Storage LimitsThere are never any problems with regards to content storage as we are able to offer pre-set pricing from 7 up to 90 days of video retention.  However, additional storage is not a problem either as we are also able to offer CCTV footage retention for 7 years.

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On-site Video Caching

On-site Video CachingThe on-site Cloud Based CCTV Bridge or CMVR units caches video locally, the units then synchronize with the cloud storage as bandwidth is available. This allows the Cloud Based CCTV solutions to work in many different situations, for instance if a client’s internet bandwidth was being used during the day for a EPOS (electronic point of sale) transaction or VOIP system, The Mercury3 CCTV Cloud Solution can be configured to use less bandwidth during the day time via QOS (Quality of Service) management facility whereas the unit will allocate the secure transfer of the CCTV recordings in the evening or at a specific time when more bandwidth is available as there is less load on the network.

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Private Cloud and Connection Facility

Private Cloud and Connection FacilityMost customers will use the secure infrastructure facilities that are available with the units which eliminates a customers need to manage their servers and network in which to manage bandwidth restrictions and other network equipment whilst the units remain secure and self-managed sat on a customer’s LAN (Local Area Network). However, a few customers may choose to make use of a Private Connection that we are able to facilitate.

This option allows a closed system where as we are able to offer a separate private circuit which then totally separate the data transfer via a different external circuit (direct to the secure cloud servers) but still completely under the management of the customer. Also as well as a separate direct connection to the Cloud Servers, we are able to offer a private server for the sole use of specific clients recordings. While not for everyone, some customers may find the additional overhead of server management and infrastructure maintenance worthwhile for their cloud video surveillance needs.

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Gallery View for Viewing Historic Video

Our new and exclusive gallery viewer feature means you can view historic CCTV footage more easily and effecitvely than ever before.  Giving you more visibility for vieweing historic data means you can navigate more easily.

CCTV video footage

To get to the gallery view simply click the zoom out button.  You then see frames from surrounding video, with the option os seeing images from 5 minute intervals, key images or actual video.  These screen shots are for video and show clips of the most immediate motion-detected video footage.

CCTV  video footage

You can continue to click the zoom out button to see more frames on screen at a time.  You can view up to 25 different frames from the same camera on screen at any one time.

Viewing CCTV footage