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Cloud managed video recorders (CMVR)Mercury 3 Cloud Managed Video Recorders

Our selection of six cloud managed video recorders are purpose built for the cloud and have the capacity to provide additional on-premise recording when needed. The CMVRs from Mercury 3 are also available in a wide array of sizes each supporting a different number of cameras.


  • Complete Privacy Encryption TM
  • Encrypted during transmission & at rest
  • Fully Encrypted Video & Meta Data


  • Intelligent brandwidth management TM
  • Local and off site recording
  • Redundant video & meta data storage


  • Supports ONVIF & analgue cameras
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Full functioality in all browsers
  • On-premise or cloud video storage

"We’ve deployed the Cloud Security Camera VMS at three locations recently. The System was extremely easy to implement, even for our installers who were experts on analogue surveillance cameras rather than IP cameras."

David Manento- Royal Security

Cloud Managed Video Recorders (CMVRs) for Cloud CCTV Surveillance Systems

There are six different CMVRs.  They support a variety of ONVIF Profile-S compliant cameras.  They all have dual GigE network ports and are designed to store video on premise as well as in the Mercury3 Secure Cloud.  Each model supports a different number of cameras, maxing out at 500 cameras on the 920.  Also, since video is stored locally on the units there are special management subscriptions, the MM10 subscription is for cameras attached to the CMVR. The latter subscription allows remote management/access of the cameras, but no off site cloud storage.  Additionally CMVRs can optionally store video in the cloud using one of the Cloud Storage subscriptions such as the MSD-7, MSD7-7 or the MHD10-30 etc




415CMVR - cloud managed video recorder 430CMVR - cloud managed video recorder 460CMVR - cloud managed video recorder
15 IP Cameras 30 IP Cameras 60 IP Cameras
Single Power Supply 110-240 AC, 105 Watts Single Power Supply 110-240 AC, 105 Watts Single Power Supply 110-240 AC, 350 Watts
1U - 16.8" x 12" x 1.7" 1U - 16.8" x 12" x 1.7" 1U - 16.8" x 12" x 1.7"
3 TB ~  30 Days Storage for 15 SD Cameras 6 TB ~ 30 Days Storage for 30 SD Cameras 8 TB RAID ~ 30 Days Storage for 40 SD Cameras 
3 Cooling Fans 3 Cooling Fans 6 Cooling Fans




5120CMVR - cloud managed video recorder 5240CMVR - cloud managed video recorder 5500CMVR - cloud managed video recorder
120 IP Cameras 240 IP Cameras 500 IP Cameras
Dual Power Supplies 110-240 AC, 600 Watts Dual Power Supplies 110-240 AC, 800 Watts Dual Power Supplies 110-240 AC, 1280Watts
2U - 16.8" x 12" x 1.7" 2U - 16.8" x 35" x 3.4" 4U - 16.8" x 35" x 7"
24 TB RAID ~ 30 Days Storage for 120 SD Cameras 30 TB RAID ~ 30 Days Storage for 120 SD Cameras 60 TB RAID ~ 30 Days Storage for 80 SD Cameras
6 Cooling Fans. 8 Cooling Fans 8 Cooling Fans


While video is stored directly on the CMVR units, it is still securely accessed through the Mercury3 Secure Cloud portal via your choice of web browser or mobile device. The secure web cloud portal also manages the CMVRs providing information about camera availability, system health and issuing alerts etc.

MM-10 Subscription: The MM-10 is required for each camera that is connected to the CMVR units, the MM-10 subscription does not facilitate cloud storage.  It provides secure remote access as well as direct management functionality over the camera and the CMVR units.

See our subscriptions page for more details